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Recruiters do not work for you; they work for employers.

Thursday, March 29th, 2007

Did you know that job recruiters do not work for the employee!  They work for the employer to find employees.  There is more information at the link below:

Let’s consider this…The employer pays the recruiter to find employees and they are on the employers side to get you employed for the lowest wage possible so the employer and recruiter can profit the most. 

Here is what got me thinking about this:  A recruiter called me to interview me for a position he didn’t even have.  He had no job to offer me.  He just wanted to get me into his office, 40 miles a way, to discuss a potential offer in the future.  That sounds like a waste of time to me.  It could be good networking, but will probably lead to wasted time and money.  Joe Hodgson works at J.P. Hawkins LTD and seems to be wasting time. 

Think about that next time a recruiter calls to get you in for an interview or if they try to “help” you find your dream job.  The recruiter just might be trying to pad their own bottom line.